Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain wedding - Chicago Tribune

Now that you are well into planning your Chicago wedding, take a deep breath and explore the many lovely wedding invitation designs and wedding papers that are available today. Whether you are searching on the Internet or with a local stationer in your neighborhood, try to stay abreast with the latest trends for inspiration. Found below is some timely information that may prove useful in designing your Chicago wedding invitation.

Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain weddingChicago TribuneBarters covered the costs of the photographer, videographer, wedding invitations and her hair and makeup stylist, to name a few. When Saya, 35, and Pete, 34, married Sept. 1, there was no wedding cake, no wedding party and no head table at the reception....Bartered bliss: Crafting a bargain wedding - Chicago Tribune

A little research will pay great dividends in planning your wedding. Few things are more important than selecting a great wedding invitation. It sets the tone for your wedding day and should serve as an inspiration to all who attend. Found below are some resources that I found helpful in advising others on the latest wedding trends.

Useful posts to guide your research

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